Advanced Program

Recognizing that some of our students have advanced to the point that they are no longer in need of the
one-to-one, and sometimes two-to-one, instructor-student ratio, the Board discussed whether we
should graduate these students from the program to make room for new students to enter.

Realizing that some students would not have the opportunity to ski outside of Track 3 we decided that
we would conduct a pilot project for next year to see if there is a need for a Track 3 Advanced Program.
This program would allow students identified as being independent enough to continue skiing under the
Track 3 umbrella, but we would reduce the number of instructors needed to teach the program, likely
one instructor to three or more students.

The program will focus on the social aspect of skiing as well as developing the student’s skills to perhaps
join the Special or Para Olympics.

If you feel you are, or your student is, a candidate for this program please contact the student registrar

After registration, some eligible students will be selected for the advanced program pilot project.
If a student is selected, they will be notified by their program coordinator that they have been selected
and who their instructor is.