Police Checks

Thank you for volunteering with the London Track 3 Ski School this season. Volunteer participation has been at the heart of this organization for over three decades and has made London Track 3 the strong, community organization it has become.

A Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) of volunteers is a new reality of our modern society. Although it may pose an inconvenience, the goal of the VSC is to protect our students and provide a safe environment for everyone. Your cooperation in getting a completed VSC to us “well before” the actual Track 3 ski instruction season begins is greatly appreciated.

London Track 3 requires all volunteers to submit an original hard copy of their completed VSC. Photocopies are not acceptable – the original will have an “embossed Police stamp” present. If you receive a password protected download forward it to jamie@londontrack3.ca with the password. A VSC is considered valid for three years from the date of completion (a check will cover the three ski seasons following that check). Please note that there are three ascending levels of Police Checks with the “Vulnerable Sector” Check being the most comprehensive. Only a “Vulnerable Sector” Check will suffice for the purposes of working with our students. London Track 3 retains all original Vulnerable Sector Checks on file for three years.

If you are a new instructor, you will need to apply to your local Police Services to secure a completed VSC. If you are a returning instructor and previously submitted a VSC to our program for the ski season, your check will still be valid and on file – no action is required. However, if it was completed three years ago, it is not valid for the upcoming ski season – you must have another VSC completed and submit the new one to us. Please Note: Volunteers will not be able to ski with their student until our program is in receipt of a current VSC.

For persons under 18 years of age, a (VSC) will not be required.

If you need a VSC for this upcoming season, contact Jamie Spencer, jamie@londontrack3.ca for the London Track 3 volunteer letter to present to your local Police Services.

Students (18 years of age and older):

If you are a university or college student living in London during the school year, but also still have a permanent non-London address (parents), please attend the London Police Service for your check (do not attend your home town police service). Bring two pieces of identification showing your home town address, as well as a rent or school receipt showing your London address during this current school year and the London Police will complete your check.

I live in the City of London and require a VSC
Please visit the London Police Service website and file online or visit the London Police Station with suitable photo identification, and submit an LPS form for a Vulnerable Sector Check. You will need the London Track 3 volunteer letter, 2 pieces identification and $15.00 (plus tax). For more details and the VSC form, please visit London Police services website.

I live outside the City of London and require a VSC
Please attend the Police Service that services the area in which you reside (O.P.P. or another municipal Police Service). Bring suitable photo identification, and submit their application form for a VSC to them. Additionally, bring a London Track 3 volunteer letter to them to confirm that you are volunteering this ski season. To gain more information on the VSC process in another jurisdiction, please visit the O.P.P. website at www.opp.ca or the website of any other municipal Police Service where you may live (St. Thomas PS, Strathroy PS, Chatham Kent PS, Oxford Community PS, etc).  The O.P.P. detachments of London, Strathroy, Lucan, and Glencoe provide this service – call them to ascertain their hours and fee.

I am already in possession of an original VSC completed within the previous two years (original means the “embossed Police stamp” is present): Submit the “original” to a Track 3 coordinator in advance of your first ski session with your student. It does not matter which police agency completed it at that prior time.

Generally, an application for a VSC can be completed without fingerprinting being required. However, due to newer rules imposed on all police agencies, if an applicant’s particulars are “similar” to a known offender, the police agency will require the applicant to return to police headquarters and provide fingerprints. The fingerprints are then compared to the fingerprints of the known offender database to positively conclude that the applicant is not the known offender and the VSC is completed. This additional effort can extend the turnaround time to 3 – 4 weeks before a completed check is back in the hands of an applicant.

London Track 3 has eliminated the annual registration fee for instructors ($15 annually). We therefore ask instructors to absorb the cost of the VSC (averaging $15 once every three years).

Submission of Completed VSC to London Track 3
In order to properly coordinate the completed VSC and verify an instructor is clear to ski with their student, the completed VSC needs to be submitted to London Track 3 coordinators in advance of the first ski instruction session with a student. Given that there could be up to a four-week turnaround if fingerprinting is required, it becomes important that London Track 3 volunteers commence the process of the VSC well before the start date of the actual ski instruction program. It is suggested that commencing the VSC process should be undertaken no later than early to mid-December (the earlier, the better).